Welcome to guest house "PILS"

If you are going to Kurland through Kandava you must visit guest house PILS, which is located in scenic place near the Knight Castle mount and near the road to Kuldiga. Here you can have a delicious meal, rest in a hotel and relax in sauna. During the meal on terrace you can enjoy a pictorial wiev to Knight Castle mount, Powder Tower and park. After long and healthy walk through the small streets and parks of Kandava , banks of river Abava you should take a rest  in our guest house PILS. There are comfortable guest rooms. Take your children with you.! If you have a Wedding, Christenings, Birthday or any other special day – let us know! We can help you with feast!



Whats new?

You can buy handmade souvenirs from Kandava!

New souvenir shop and guest house reception!


    KANDAVA is located in old Vanema territory – what means “Old land” ( translation from Livs). In times of Livonians Kandava was a strong castle and town with many craftsmans and merchants – as many towns near the trading ways. If you are going to Kurland have a PITSTOP in Kandava!!! Here you can see Old town center, small streets, old pavement, Knight Castle mount, Powder tower, churches, open air sport stadium, Castle mount Buses, ski park Zviedru Cepure, Old bridge from 1873 and other interesting places.

Tel.: +371 26438887

E-pasts: pils.kandava@apollo.lv